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Dot Brands in the Real World

See how companies use their branded Top Level Domains (TLDs) to strengthen their brand, improve security and protect their customers.

About Dot Brands

Join the growing number of brands that are leaving behind the limitation of the traditional Internet name space. Branded Top Level Domains are a new innovation that is freeing companies from old school domain names.

What if you could use your own brand as a Top Level Domain? Imagine complete freedom and flexibility to create any domain name you want. Imagine creating a single trusted source of truth for your customers, suppliers and partners.

Join brands like Canon, Barclays or KPMG which are strengthening their brands and protecting customers with online experiences such as: GLOBAL.CANON, UK.BARCLAYS or HOME.KPMG.

The Internet is evolving —join the innovation.

Models of Use: Innovations driven by dot brands

We have observed 10 common models of use. Some brands combine more than one approach depending on their strategic goals.

Model One: Protecting IP

Some dot brand applicants applied first and foremost to protect their Intellectual Property; securing their master brand before a third party beat them to a unique asset. This allows the brand time to develop a use case for their branded Top Level Domain (TLD), safe in the knowledge that their trademark is protected.

Model Two: Full migration

A small but growing number of registries have migrated their primary corporate website (from a .COM domain) over to their dot brand. In many cases the old .COM domain will redirect to the new dot brand website. For example, KPMG’s global network now operates under HOME.KPMG.

Model Three: Internal communication

An effective model of use for some dot brands is to use the registry to support internal communication. Only employees can access these restricted sites or services that are often featured under a single domain, perhaps through a company intranet.

Model Four: Transactional use

Consumers trust a site under a dot brand domain to take them to authentic goods or services. Infringers can easily register a variation of a .com or other unrestricted TLD to direct Internet users to fraudulent or sinister content. A site under a dot brand domain has integrity and trust as it is under the full control of the brand. The French national railway provider, SNCF, migrated its official on-line ticket and information portal to OUI.SNCF. Every month over a million customers arrange their travel through this dot brand supported portal, spending billions in confidence.

Model Five: Geo-located content

Getting the right information to the right person is vitally important in ecommerce. Dot brand registries are being successfully used every day, in conjunction with tracking technologies, to direct customers to content appropriate for their local market. Several automotive manufacturers use their dot brand to manage a network of global dealerships. Examples include, MUENCHEN.AUDI and AUTOSBELLAMAR.SEAT.

Model Six: Promotional campaigns

You can register or delete domain names at will for no marginal cost under a dot brand registry, making them perfect for short-term campaigns often hosted under a microsite created for a specific campaign. A good example was XMAS.LIDL.

Model Seven: HR and Careers

Many brands have created recruitment related microsites under their dot brand such as, CAREERS.SAXO or JOBS.SCHWARZ.

Model Eight: Customer support

A number of dot brands are using their TLDs to deliver their customer support. If you are looking for customer support with Skype, go to SUPPORT.SKYPE.

Model Nine: Further education

A handful of centres of learning applied for dot brand registries. They have developed microsites emphasising innovation aimed at attracting prospective students. An example is FUTURE-CITY.LATROBE.

Model Ten: Social Media

Dot brand domains are instinctively memorable, short and appealing, good for URL shorteners and evocative social media branding. Some examples of URL shorteners we saw in 2019 include GRP.HSBC, GO.ZARA and ON.CITI.

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About Dot Brand Observatory

The Dot Brand Observatory is brought to you by Com Laude and showcases the ways in which leading companies are using their dot brands to support their business. The Observatory brings you regular updates on the very latest dot brand uses, and in-depth case studies on some innovative business strategies being deployed through dot brands.

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