Dot dnp – Pilots on added value minisites

Dot dnp launch main takeouts

  1. DNP was one of the very early but low profile starters. The .dnp Top Level Domain first websites were launched already in 2014, and they seem to be very consistent over time.
  2. DNP uses their Top Level Domain to communicate around the brand using dedicated mini.sites about thinktanks or other initiatives.
  3. The popularity of the corresponding domains is therefore relatively low.
  4. Some of the domain names have their own facebook page, and the name of the page corresponds to the domain name.
  5. DNP has been registering only latin caracters domains and no japanses IDNs

DNP – a traditional printing business turned to the future

Dai Nippon Printing (大日本印刷), established in 1876, is a Japanese printing company. The company operates its printing in three areas: Information Communications, Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies, and Electronics.

Printing business is a business that is between a paper based past and an online digital future. The page explains that : “.dnp is a Top Level Domain for Dai Nippon Printing. This exclusive domain, dedicated to the use of Dai Nippon Printing , will provide innovative new ways for the company to interact with Internet users in a trusted and secure namespace.”

Multi-dimensional analysis

Our proprietary multidimensional radar analysis analyses all the .brand TLD across five criteria, and presents the results in the following chart:

dot dnp new gTLD multi criteria analysis

Content: the dot dnp websites count a total of 962 pages, according to Google. That is the 22nd largest domain name. There is no SSL Certificate on the DNP pages. The majority of the sites are exclusively in Japanese.

Popularity: Since June 2016, all of websites in .dnp are ranked in Alexa. The best ranked site is only 3.8 million most popular site. This is a choice of DNP to migrate the lowest traffic sites at first.

SEO: DNP’s site have average technical scores for SEO, but they have – comparatively to other TLDs – a good number of inbound links and they rank very well for exact match search.

Taxonomy: The portfolio of domain names is mainly organized around corporate values – vision of future, valorisation of the past and communication. There is no IDN and no two character codes.

Volume: There are only seven domain names, but all of them are resolving to a website. DNP does not make use of redirects, so the content score is higher that the volume score.

DNP strategical approach

DNP was amongst the first brands to host websites in the new dot brand world, while keeping the main, largest and most popular sites in the traditional namespace – is the largest domain, and the main american site is :

Five domains can be reached and visited. They have specific purposes and marketing strategies, in three categories :

  • Places : and are a museum and a shopping mall managed by DNP. sites are relayed on social media such as Facebook.

plaza dot dnp domain has its own facebook page

  • Future and are related to thje vision of the future ( mirai means future in japanese )


  • Communication: DNP has created a penguin mascot  to support its communication efforts. The minisite hosts the communication campaigns by DNP

the dnp penguin mascot has his domain name in dot brand TLD


DNP launched their new .dnp already in 2015, and were amongst the pioneers. The fist launched was geared towards pilots and sites generating little visibility, therefore low risk but also potentially low benefits.
DNP still focuses its main communication and web efforts on the website.
DNP global domain name strucutre is heterogeneous and could benefit from a better structure via the new dot DNP Top level domain name