Dot Fage – Regional Domains and Redirects


Fage International S.A. (Greek: Φάγε) is a Luxembourgish dairy company and one of the major dairy brands in the country. It is headquartered in the City of Luxembourg. It manufactures dairy products including milk, yogurt and ice cream.

Main takeouts

  • Fage launched their dot brand domain name with a combination of regional marketing websites and of domain names redirecting to specific content.
  • Over 60 domain names were created. The meaning of these domain names combine products, keywords or sub brands from Fage.
  • Fage tends to launch new domains as basic waiting pages, progressively configured to redirections.
  • Fage is originally a Greek brand, but is only using Latin character domain names.
  • Fage launched a new website look and feel. The new websites are progressively deployed on legacy gTLD, and after a few weeks, the URL are shifted to the new gTLD.

Multicriteria Analysis

dot fage multi-criteria analysis

Our proprietary multidimensional radar analysis analyses and presents in a dedicated chart, the performance of branded domain name across five criteria. These criteria are detailed in our observatory section.


As of Early October 2016. Google listed 664 pages for Fage, while Bing ranks a total of 4’442. This makes Fage the 38th domains with most pages looking at google’s page.


Fage domains are not hugely popular. The most popular domain was, and was ranked 593’000 most popular website.


The average SEO tech score is 57 out of 100, which is fairly low, and makes Fage rank 52nd position of good seo tech optimization. The best ranked site when searching for the brand name is a dot fage website.


Fage has developed an organized domain names structure.It usually associates singular and plurals (recipe and recipes), translations (ricetta in Italian, receta in Spanish, recipe in English and sintagi in greek). Even though Fage is a greek brand, there are no IDN domain names.


Fage registered 67 domain names, which makes it the 13th largest dot brand. The only one that does not resolve is the mandatory page. 30 active domain names are present in fage’s domain portfolio, even though most of these sites are actually simple white pages.


Fage launched a new website look and feel, and migrated to the new gTLD dot fage. This two changes were not operated at the same time, but with a few months difference. Fage also deploys countries progressively, starting with the USA – –  and then to UK and Germany – using the german name

usa dot fage new domain extension website

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