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Dot jcb – Strategic country code domains

Dot jcb - Strategic use of country code domains Main takeouts of dot jcb Case study Dot jcb supports the launch of their new global corporate website, that consists of one global website which is localized in a certain number of countries. The domains used are global.jcb for the global site and four local versions using two letter. character codes for countries, inverting the ccTLD [...]

Length of second level domain names

Dot brand second level domain names' length This analysis looks at the length of second level domain name, more precisely the number of characters. As dot brand are closed registries, brands can register the names they want – with some exceptions and constraints, for 2 letter names for instance. For this analysis, we excluded the “nic” domains which would have artificially increased the 3 [...]

Dot barclays – Pioneers of dot brand

Dot barclays - Pioneers of dot brand Main Takeouts Barclays was a very early adopter of the new dot brand, as it was launched as early as mid 2015. Home.barclays is the main marketing portal, but lots of specialized content, such as online banking  is on the legacy TLD. Legacy TLD and dot brand work seamlessly together. Barclays launched a series of thematic micro-sites under the new [...]

Dot leclerc – gTLD pilots paving the way for rollout

Dot leclerc - gTLD pilots paving the way for rollout Main Takeouts The Top Level Domain name is supporting the global strategy. Leclerc is a French supermarket and hypermarket chain, with an ambitious plan in digital, capitalizing on the combination of the proximity of stores and the convenience of online purchase. Leclerc is developing their dot brand TLD in a progressive and consistent approach. [...]

Dot citic – Ambitious dot brand domain name project

Dot citic - An ambitious dot brand domain name project Key Takeways Citic group runs two dot brand Top Level Domain names : .citic and .中信. The group created 322 Second Level Domains names overall, 75% of which are not resolving. There are 34 active domains in .citic and 19 in .中信. The active domains host sites for the various branches or subsidiaries of the Citic group At [...]